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What Is Outdoor Classroom Day?

Outdoor Classroom Day is a global movement that promotes outdoor play and learning, both at home and at school. Born from the belief that spending more time outside makes children happier and healthier, Outdoor Classroom Day is marked around the world by teachers and their pupils.

Taking place on two dates in 2022, Thursday 19th May and Thursday 3rd November, this celebration of outdoor learning has real benefits for young people across the globe – with 66% of children now having more outdoor lessons thanks to Outdoor Classroom Day.

The movement helps children develop key life skills, gain a closer connection to the natural environment, and enhances their engagement with learning. Time spent outdoors also improves physical and mental health, and two-thirds of schools have increased outdoor learning sessions since getting involved.

What Does An Outdoor Classroom Look Like?

Outdoor Classroom Day can be celebrated anywhere learning happens outside, but as more schools recognise the benefits of outdoor education, many are looking to create dedicated outdoor classrooms for their pupils.

Outdoor classroom

Outdoor classrooms often consist of a canopy or shelter that allows the space to be used all year round. This ensures that daily lessons and playtime can go ahead in any weather, with children never missing out on valuable time outside. The open design of an outdoor classroom also gives children room to move and spread out, promoting more physical activity than is possible indoors.

Outdoor Classroom Ideas For Schools

Outdoor classrooms are versatile spaces that can be used for both learning and play. Many schools choose a simple design that can adapt to different activities throughout the day, but there are lots of ways to customise an outdoor classroom.

An outdoor structure is a great way to expand classroom capacity, so adding seating will enable lessons to take place in the fresh air. To encourage sensory development and a greater connection to nature, planters can be incorporated into the classroom design, allowing children to get involved with growing a garden.

Each educational setting is unique, so the design of an outdoor classroom can be tailored to match the individual needs of the school or nursery. Take a look at the video below to see some examples of outdoor classrooms designed and built by us.

Outdoor Classroom Setup

Timotay Playscapes design and build all of our outdoor classrooms in-house, using the finest quality redwood timber that will stand the test of time with minimal maintenance. We work closely with our clients throughout the entire project, from developing initial ideas to constructing the classroom space – always with the aim of encouraging more children to engage with outdoor learning.

Contact Our Outdoor Classroom Specialists

We build multipurpose outdoor classrooms for all budgets and have worked with schools, nurseries, and SEND settings. So if Outdoor Classroom Day has inspired you to create your own learning space in the great outdoors, contact our team to book a free consultation.

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