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Mile a day

The ‘mile a day’ is easy to implement and is fun to take part in. The ‘mile a day’ challenge helps to improve health and wellbeing of children, with the benefits that the children gain are physical, emotional, social and mental – all from running or jogging. The children can take the route at their own pace… and takes just 15 minutes. Our team are here to help you to implement… whether it’s adding a new path, a new surface or adding points of interest such as musical items.

  • Fun to do! Children socialise with their friends whilst exercising too.
  • Easy to implement. No changing, setting up or tidying away – once you have your route set, this is a great way of encouraging children to exercise.
  • Totally inclusive – all children, in all weathers can take part. Children with additional needs can be supported too
  • You can make the route fun for your children by adding with pathways, updating existing surfaces… or maybe add musical items along the way!
  • Whatever the weather! Enhance your existing outdoor space to make the mile a day challenge suitable for all weather conditions

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