A Little About Us

Established in 1985 Timotay has grown and evolved into the UK’s premier playground design, instillation  and playground equipment company. Our passion for providing quality outdoor playgrounds, surfaces and gardens is evident in our innovative designs. With design teams, manufacturing team, installation teams and project managers, Timotay provides a one stop solution from initial consultation to completion of your project.

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Our main priority is to provide quality, stimulating and educative playgrounds. We take great pride in producing beautiful outdoor play environments with the school curriculum in mind.  Timotay Playscapes is a bespoke playground design, surfacing and playground equipment company, and all playgrounds that we design and install are specifically suited to the individual setting. We work throughout the UK and in the Middle East.

About Timotay Playscapes - Playground Design & Installation

Timotay Playscapes has earned a fantastic reputation for creating and designing bespoke playgrounds for schools and nurseries specialising in EYFS all over the country. Using natural materials and creative thinking we offer our clients the best possible playground design solution tailored for their school and nursery. We offer a comprehensive service; a thorough playground consultation, a meticulously thought through design solution created by experienced playground designers, using in house manufactured playground products and expert construction. By using bespoke play equipment and playground surfaces we work with the environment to make the best possible use of the area.

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“At Timotay we like to help schools, nurseries and child minders view their playgrounds differently, helping them to overcome common fears and constraints by creating stimulating play areas.

When clients see our approach to playground design and installation, including the use of natural materials within their settings, I often hear “what a breath of fresh air and what inspiration!” I think this says it all about Timotay.

Let us help you to inspire our next generation of children with our well thought out, imaginative playground designs and educational, adaptable and challenging playgrounds”.

Stuart Humphrey - Director

“Here at Timotay, we recognise that successful playground design, planning and craftsmanship are the essential ingredients for completing work to a high standard. Our professional and enthusiastic team welcome the opportunity to create challenging, educational, safe, fun, natural playgrounds where children can learn, explore, play and grow.”

Tim Ellwood - Director

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