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School playground design

School playground design

Every school or educational setting is unique no matter what the size, and  also has pupils with specific requirements, so it is crucial that this is understood and reflected within the school playground design and construction process from start to finish. Especially at a young age it’s all about learning.

Timotay Playscapes has worked extensively with schools of all sizes  throughout the UK and globally to create inspirational and bespoke playgrounds and outdoor spaces. Outdoor inclusive play for all children, provides and nurtures an environment where diversity is respected and valued, it enables children of all abilities to play together in amazing settings, and develop relationships on an equal footing in a child centred environment. This is always at the forefront of Timotay Playscapes designs and playspaces on each and every project.

So we make learning fun. So whether it’s a cave, a mound, water play, a trim trail or a forest school… or an area for scientific learning. Timotay Playscapes are here to help with your outdoor playgrounds, play space and school or nursey playground design.

Outdoor space and nursery playground design for children of all ages is essential for learning and development. When designed and constructed in the correct way, if can provide an engaging and challenging environment for the children to explore their physical capabilities, challenge their thinking and problem solving skills, in addition to developing their personal, social and emotional understanding and their development. Plus  it’s all about having fun too.

A Timotay Playscapes nursery playground play space provides practitioners within the setting an opportunity to extend classroom learning to outdoor exploration.  We can even include all the safe play equipment your space could need. This creates a combination of high quality outside provision, with high quality adult interaction to enable children to demonstrate and develop effective characteristics of learning. Helping them grow and learn as they play without even realising.

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