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Outdoor Classroom and Shelters

Outdoor Classrooms and outdoor shelters provide versatile space within your setting and are built to last! Outdoor classrooms provide children a fantastic opportunity for them to enjoy outdoor learning daily- whatever the weather!

The outdoor classroom provide many opportunities for exploring, creating, and learning in addition to…

  • Expanding vital classroom capacity
  • In line with government advice, the outdoor classroom space can assist with social distancing
  • Reconnect with nature
  • Get children active and outside
  • Sensory outdoor space
  • Multi-purpose area
  • Functional base for structured and unstructured learning
  • Takes children away from the usual traditional classroom and open- up different learning approaches

Taking learning/ teaching outside keeps children engaged and able to enjoy the natural environment that surrounds them. Outdoor classrooms provide a healthy learning environment, and research shows that children who are exposed to nature tend to present higher levels of concentration and self-discipline; improved awareness, reasoning and observational skills, and also make further progress in reading, writing, maths and science – in addition to better at working in teams; and showed improved behaviour overall. The Outdoor Classroom also helps settings with social distancing, by providing a sheltered and multi-functional space.

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