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The Influence of Playground Equipment on Children’s Engagement

High quality play structures facilitate extended play value, and a well-designed space will increase engagement time within the space / park in addition to children’s social play, cognitive play, and language development as compared to play on standard playground equipment or an open grassy field.

Well designed playgrounds including natural playground structures encouraged longer and more socially and cognitively complex play for children, often with even quiet and reserved children playing more independently on play structures.

Play is not merely a pastime of children – it is a complex behaviour that promotes key areas of child development including motor skills, cognitive skills, social skills, and language. Although children themselves are adept at instigating play, good design and installation practices within our play areas increase the developmental value of children’s play by providing children with access to high-quality play environments. Playground structures present children with several activities, challenges and spaces that would not be available to them if they merely played, for example, on an open field.

A well designed and high-quality playground, designed specifically for its user group, facilitates changes in children’s social and cognitive play behaviours, as well as increases in language use. Changes in play behaviour are different depending on each child’s characteristics but increases in time engaged within the play area and development of role-play are a common factor across all of Timotay’s natural playground areas.

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Timotay specialises in:

  • Natural playgrounds
  • Wooden playgrounds
  • School playgrounds
  • Nursery playground
  • Sensory playgrounds
  • SEND playgrounds
  • Playground equipment
  • MUGA pitches
  • Mile a day tracks
  • Playground safety surfacing

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