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Outdoor Play – Why It’s Crucial In Early Years’ Settings

The EYFS states that children need to have a daily outdoor experience, which means that a setting such as a nursery, preschool or school reception class needs to ensure that children are outside for a duration each day.

Outside natural play can take many forms, whether that is a nature walk, visiting a park or activities in a natural outdoor playground or play space.

The Importance of Outdoor Play

Supports children’s development

Children can explore and engage with the natural environment around them, they will see direct hand changes such as weather changes, wildlife changes, nature, and seasonal changes. The outside environment will allow them to discover new smells, sights, and nature, including trees, plants, insects and bugs

Fit and Healthy

Being outside and active has a positive effect and impact. It keeps children fit, healthy and active

Greater/Different Opportunities

Being outdoors allows for opportunities to do things differently, and often on a larger scale.

Supporting Managed Risk

Children will have more confidence to move in different ways and build upon these skills. By doing so, supports children by teaching them how to safely take a managed risk. They will have the opportunity to swing, climb, run, spin and jump!

Increased Confidence

Allowing children to take small and managed risk helps to build their confidence but learning not to put themselves in unnecessary danger. For example, a setting with a Forest School approach will regularly visit open spaces. Children accessing forest school activities are found to be calmer, more sociable and confident.

Freedom To Make Their Own Choices

Being outdoors provides children with the freedom to make their own choices about being active and further develop their physical skills. Children will be able to choose their own activity, whether that is to run, skip, catch, role play or climb.

Recall and Communication Improvement

Discussion with children about their experience in the outdoor environment helps with recall and communication skills.

30+ Years of Designing & Installing Outdoor Spaces

At Timotay we are proud to have promoted this for 30 years and how spending time in nature and getting children outdoors daily and engaging in natural play. We have a number of solutions that range from playground equipment, that you can purchase online, to fully managed playground design and construction service, you can browse through our selection of case studies here.

All of our playground equipment has a play value and learning outcome and is handcrafted by our skilled woods craftsmen using approved sustainable timber.

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