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Timotay support #NaturePremium

Timotay support #NaturePremium

Lockdown has highlighted the inequalities of access to nature. This is not a new occurrence but one which now, more than ever, needs addressing.

The Nature Premium will help children to recover from lockdown, and improve children’s mental and physical wellbeing. It is well documented the benefits to children that interacting with nature and the outdoors brings. Research published in 2018 highlighted that children used more energy when engaging in forest school activities. Schools receive a PE and Sports premium and #NaturePremium are looking for our government to make evidence-informed decision to support a Nature Premium for early years and school children

The #NaturePremium is being led by the Forest School Association and is the UK’s voice for Forest Schools who promote best practice and quality forest schools for all.

Benefits of forest schools include:

  • Reconnecting children and staff with nature and helping to reduce stress
  • Supporting teaching outside to reduce the risk of COVID-19
  • Encouraging higher levels of physical activity, addressing obesity levels
  • Improving children’s creativity
  • Fulfilling a curriculum requirement from the Ofsted framework to create an enriched curriculum
  • Building children’s understanding of how they fit into the British countryside
  • Focusing children’s knowledge of environmental issues and how they can make a difference and care for their environment, local community and planet
  • Creating a generation that will want to contribute to nature
  • People who visit nature have greater life satisfaction, more self-worth, more happiness, and less anxiety

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