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12 Benefits Of Outside Play

The great outdoors has so many benefits for babies, toddlers and children… here are just a few benefits of why playing outside is great for children!

  1. Reduce The Risk Of Disease And Be Healthier! Children who play outside are more physically active, helping to prevent obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and many other health issues
  2. Better Concentration – Children who play in nature score higher on concentration and self-discipline tests
  3. Calmer Children! Children with nature-rich playgrounds and outdoor space are calmer and pay more attention to their teachers than children whose playgrounds have fewer natural elements
  4. Fewer Symptoms – Children with ADHD experience significantly fewer symptoms after spending time in nature/ outside.
  5. Less Bullying – Children are less likely to engage in bullying when they play in more natural environments
  6. More Advanced Motor Skills – Children who play regularly in natural environments/ outside have more advanced motor skills, such as agility, balance, and coordination, and are sick less often
  7. Love For Nature! – Children who grow up having regular contact with the natural world are more likely to develop a lifelong love for nature and care to preserve it
  8. Stronger bones and immune systems! Children who play outside have higher levels of vitamin D, which in turn strengthens their bones and immune systems
  9. Better Eaters And Healthier Lifestyles – Children who learn how to garden eat more fruit and vegetables and are more likely too keep a healthy lifestyle later in life
  10. Positive Relationships – Children who play outside engage in more imaginative games, interact more and get along better
  11. Stronger Awareness – Children who are exposed to the natural world develop stronger awareness, reasoning and observation skills
  12. Eyesight Benefits- Children who play outside suffer less nearsightedness and are less likely to need eyeglasses

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