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Why Are Outdoor Classrooms Important?

Outdoor Classrooms have always offered a refreshing change of scenery from the traditional classroom environment. Outdoor learning has been proven to reduce stress, improve focus and provide more engagement for children.

Particularly amidst the pandemic and post-covid, outdoor classrooms are set to become more popular than ever. They are gradually becoming a part of the ‘new normal’, particularly amongst nurseries and primary schools.

What Are Outdoor Classrooms?

Outdoor Classrooms are exactly what they sound like – They are essentially an outdoor structure (canopy or shelter) that allows teachers to bring their learning outdoors!

What Does An Outdoor Classroom Look Like?

Typically, outdoor classrooms are timber structures, usually a canopy or shelter, big enough to fit a class of young children. Below you can see a video showcase of one of our recent outdoor classroom projects for Hannah Ball Primary School.

What Are The Benefits of An Outdoor Classroom?

As previously mentioned, the benefits of outdoor classrooms are endless, from expanding classroom space to getting children outside and active. Following government guidance, the outdoor classroom makes an excellent facilitator for social distancing and takes children away from the traditional learning environment.

Outdoor classrooms open the class up to new and different learning approaches, allowing the children to reconnect with nature in a sensory outdoor space. Promoting physical, social, educational and cognitive development, outdoor classrooms go far beyond just ‘getting fresh air’.
Further to this, the English Outdoor Council state that the 5 core benefits of outdoor learning are:

  • Enhanced personal and social communication skills
  • Increased physical health
  • Enhanced mental and spiritual health
  • Enhanced spiritual, sensory, and aesthetic awareness
  • The ability to assert personal control and increased sensitivity to one’s own well-being.

Arrange Your Outdoor Classroom Installation

Here at Timotay Playscapes, all of our equipment and structures are manufactured with utmost durability and quality. If you are looking to add an outdoor classroom to your school or would like to learn more, please feel free to contact our friendly team today. Alternatively, you can call us on 01933 665 151.

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