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Take The Curriculum Outdoors!

Take your learning outdoors… whether that’s a phonics lesson, role play, or perhaps art! Research has shown that pupils who spend time outdoors, for both playing and learning are happier and healthier. There is also rapidly growing evidence that the benefits of learning outdoors, include benefits to improved language and communication skills, independence, self-esteem, concentration, motivation, creativity and openness to new ideas and perspectives. In addition to this, outdoor learning has been proven to reduce stress in young learners… the greater number of plants and greener views, and importantly access to natural play areas equated to lower levels of stress.

A New Dimension of Learning

Outdoor classrooms are a great way to combine traditional learning with outdoor learning, it create a new dimension of learning and can transform the quality of the learning experience. Outdoor teaching spaces can be created so that they can be used all year round.

All curriculum areas can be supported by outdoor learning and can provide a variety of environments with the space and freedom for a type of learning that cannot be replicated indoors. Outdoor education is one of the core experiences any child should have regularly

It has also been observed that the teacher’s role changes too when incorporating an outdoor learning environment since the teacher can become more ‘hands-off’ when teaching outside. The teacher can become an observer and facilitator whilst the children are encouraged to take the lead in discovering and learning things for themselves and each other. The outdoor learning environment provides more hands-on experiences for the child.

Learning outdoors can also inspire kids to become physically active in their spare time. This is known as ‘follow-up’ – and is a great tool in fighting against the risk of childhood obesity. Very importantly, outdoor learning is more fun for teachers too!

Choose Us For Your Outdoor Classroom Design

Here at Timotay, we can help to support your outdoor learning journey. Our team of award-winning experts can turn your vision into reality and take the curriculum outside!

Some great examples of outdoor learning environments and methods include:

  • Outdoor Classrooms – can provide shelter when learning outside, so whatever the weather, learning can take place.
  • Amphitheatres – provide the perfect platform for young performers within your setting and transform role-play learning! They also offer flexibility, where they can be used as seating areas, and platforms to observe nature. They can also be used as an outdoor classroom/learning area too.
  • Sandpit play – sand creates fantastic sensory development opportunities, promotes physical development, develops social and language skills. Your little learners could take part in a treasure hunt in the sand, they could engage in imaginative play and create a building site or create a beach scene. Or perhaps create arts or patterns in the sand.
  • Mud and Water Play – Mud kitchens and water tables provide a great platform for EYFS learners, KS1 and KS2 children. Children can follow recipes, create their own, and KS2 children can enjoy measuring and estimating

…but there’s so much more! You can book a FREE consultation with our expert Playground Consultants. Our team of experts believe that every child has the right to play and recognise the importance of access to outdoor play and learning.

To buy playground equipment, you can visit our online store. All of our products are manufactured from sustainable hardwood and crafted here in the UK. Each piece is handcrafted by our skilled wood craftsman for absolute peace of mind.

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So whether you are looking to transform your outdoor space or looking to purchase playground equipment/ outdoor learning resources – we can help. We can help you to transform the quality of learning experiences. Contact us today.

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