When creating any play space, a safe environment in crucial. The surface in and around the space is extremely important. Accidents do happen, and the purpose of the safety surfacing is to reduce the severity of the fall and potential injury by cushioning the impact of the childs or users accidental fall. Timotay Playscapes offer a wide range of playground surfaces, and include

  • Synthetic grass
  • Loosefill
  • Bonded rubber mulch
  • Wet pour
  • Natural surfacing
  • Natural grass

Critical Fall Height you can be sure that all of our products are designed with safety as a priority. According to British Standards EN 1177:2008 all play equipment with a free fall height above 0.6m requires a critical fall height certified flooring around the play equipment (this is the maximum platform height from which a child can fall from).The maximal fall height should not be greater than 3m. This means that the free fall height shouldn’t exceed 3m.

We strongly recommend that safety surfacing is used with our products.

Our team of Playground Consultants will be able to advise you on suitable surfaces for your outdoor space. To book your FREE consultation with a Playground Consultant click here.

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