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Primary School – NEW Playground

Primary School NEW Playground

Our award-winning playground design and construction experts created this engaging and inclusive natural playground.

Outdoor play is a crucial part of every child’s childhood. Children learn a lot from playing outside, benefits include:

  • Physical development – when children play outside, they increase and improve their ability to jump, balance, run, skip, hop and throw
  • Social development – playing outdoor provides children with the opportunity to increase their social skills by interacting, negotiating, and collaborating with their peers
  • Imagination growth! Children can pretend to be what they like, or who they like! The outdoors allows children’s imagination to run free!
  • Appreciate the natural world – children can learn about the weather, the changing seasons, animals, vegetables, and much more!

Here at Timotay, we appreciate the importance of outdoor play and how the outdoor play environment, is an open and changing environment providing benefits to children.

Our award-winning playground design team and here to help you to transform your outdoor play space or outdoor playground and create an inclusive space.

Here is a primary school transformation, showcasing waterplay and physical play within their school playground. To book your FREE consultation click here


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