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NEW! Adventure Playground In London

Weavers Adventure Playground is situated in Bethnal Green, London and aims to provide a welcoming, safe and friendly environment for its community, where children come first.

Weavers wanted to create an area where there was a range of play opportunities to suit all users, so needed to be inclusive. The design and completed project provide the community differentiation of opportunities and challenges. It enables all abilities to use the adventure playground and was designed with the entrance to be accessible to all, ensuring a sense of belonging to the neighbourhood within a rich play environment.

Playground Features

The main play frame offers inclusive play, challenging an individual to risk take at their own level and extend their capabilities. Reaching the 6.5m summit offers a triumphant sense of achievement. Communication and turn-taking will be an integral part of how the children will engage with each other, interacting in a positive manner, making friends, and building community spirit. The parkour area will provide a new way to explore a 3-dimensional space giving the opportunity to develop new skills promoting locomotor play.

Our inclusive swing area allows children of all abilities to socially interact Swinging offers a fun movement and prompts imaginative and social play, it also challenges, stimulates, and develops children’s vestibular system.

Take a look at this video, showing before, during, and the completed project!

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