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How Can I Improve My School Playground?

With the summer months approaching, many schools across the country are looking to renovate their playground. Adding a new lease of life to the play area is essential, especially when you consider that the average child spends over 5 hours a week on their school playground. You should want it to be as welcoming, inclusive and enjoyable as possible! With that being said, it can be difficult to achieve this alone, so, here are some of our top tips to improve your school playground.

Install Different Terrains

The terrain is the foundation of any playground. Whilst the majority of your school’s playground will be made up of soft, safety-compliant surfaces, the addition of greenery, sand and bark can really work wonders in adding a new lease of life to your play area. The addition of hills and tunnels can also prove useful for active children looking to traverse these varying terrains.

New Playground Equipment

Most schools have been using the same playground equipment for years, some, even decades! For those looking to truly enhance the playground experience of their pupils, investing in new playground equipment can have a significant impact. Whether that be sensory play equipment, climbing frames or even musical play equipment, the possibilities are endless!

seating area with canopy

Add Seating Areas / Shelters

It’s important to keep in mind that not every student will want to run around or use the playground equipment during their break time. Adding a seating area for those pupils will also create a social hub for them to communicate with each other and eat their lunch. Canopies can be used in this same area to provide shelter during bad weather. Your playground needs to accommodate everyone.

Consider Different Play Zones

Our final tip for improving your school playground is all about the consideration of where each section of your new/existing playground sits. For instance, you wouldn’t want to have climbing frames and other physical play equipment right next to an area where children are playing football, as a stray ball could result in an accident.

Request A FREE Playground Funding Guide

Lastly, to assist you on your journey of improving your school playground, we’ve put together a FREE funding guide with all the information you’ll need about grants, funding and fundraising. If you have any additional questions or would like to speak to our playground designers, simply call us on 01933 665 151 or enquire using our contact form.

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