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Counter-Strike: Option Tips

The best place to start at bettering yourself at CS, is by getting your options in order. Immediately after starting the game click Options.

You should see this screen:

Most of you are probably familiar with this screen, if not, you can add your Player Name, change your Spray Paint tag (Letter T in game) and Crosshair Appearance.

The real reason we are here is for the Advanced button. Clicking this will land you here:

Your “Automatically switch to picked up weapons (if more powerful)” will likely be checked. You want to uncheck this option. This will only get you killed in the long run. If you are battling someone with a pistol, and you run over an AK-47 (if you don’t currently possess a primary weapon), you will immediately switch to that gun. In that time, you will likely be killed, because there is a delay between switching guns and firing. Learn to use the number keys to switch weapons.

  • Number 1: Primary Weapon (Machine Gun, Rifle, SMG, Shotgun)
  • Number 2: Secondary (Pistol)
  • Number 3: Knife
  • Number 4: Grenade
    • If you have multiple nades, the order is as follows: HE Grenade, Flashbang, and Smoke Grenade.
  • Number 5: Bomb
  • Letter Q: Last Weapon Used
    • For Example: If I have my Ak-47 out (Number 1) and I press 3 for my knife, pressing Q will swap back to my Ak-47. Pressing it again will swap back to my knife. You mainly want to have your Primary Weapon, and your Secondary Weapon as Q. In the beginning of the round, cycle the Number 1 and the Number 2, so you can switch easily back and forth between the two.

Everything else here is personal preference. Centering player names is helpful in some cases, especially if your crosshairs are scrolling over spots that are dark, or you are confused whether someone is or isn’t a teammate. Their name will be in your immediate view, instead of in the corner.

Moving on to the Keyboard tab:

Familiarize yourself with all the keys. Once again, the real reason we are here is for the Advanced button. Clicking it will produce the following:

Neither of these will be checked initially, so check them now.

Fast Weapon Switch

Without this checked, when you use the Number keys to switch weapons you will have to press the number, and CLICK. To switch to that weapon. Why this is, I don’t know, but it’s another thing that will get you killed. Checking it, will allow you to press the Number keys, to immediately switch to the weapon.

Enable Developer Console ~

This allows you to reach the developers console by pressing the ~ key. It’s located at the upper left of your keyboard (below escape.) Learn more about the Developer Console by reading this article.

We move on now to the Mouse options.

Let’s be Sensitive

Mouse Sensitivity is a highly debateable topic. Some people believe it’s better to have fast sensitivity, for quicker movement in dire situations. And others find that you have much more control with a lower sensitivity. I fall into the latter. Lower sensitivity has a better feel. You are able to control your aim better, and if you use good cover techniques, you really shouldn’t find yourself in situations where moving your aim speedily is going to help you. Once you get used to Lower Sensitivity, you’ll find that it doesn’t feel nearly as slow as it previously did. The one recommendation I have, is if you are going to go Low Sensitivity, invest in a larger mouse pad. You will have to sweep your mouse a lot farther with Low Sensitivity, and the larger mouse pad will enable you to do so fluidly, instead of erratically.

Audio, Video, and Voice have no real bearing on the game. These are just personal preferences, so you should go through them and make sure they match what you desire.


With these minor changes, you will find yourself picking up more kills, and becoming a better all around player. Remember! Get used to using the Number keys, as quickly as possible. Don’t rely fully on Q, or you’ll pay for it in the long run.

About the author

James Harrison is a pro esport CS:GO player with an experience in review writing for DreamTeam blog and csgobettings.com website with a ton of his posts.

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