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Waterplay – A Rich And Valuable Learning Experience

Project Overview

Waterplay has a prominent place in nurseries and preschool settings and is a natural material that provides hours of fun and a multitude of fantastic learning and development opportunities. It provides rich and valuable childhood experiences to develop a child’s creativity and imagination.

  • Releases Energy! Water is a great outlet for pent up energy! With lots of play, kicking and running is water!
  • Emotionally Therapeutic – whilst water is a great energy release, it can also provide a peaceful and tranquil focus or activity where children are absorbed into the activity. Gentle water play can allow children to unwind and relax
  • Motor Skill Development – water provides opportunities for children to develop fine and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills and hand and eye coordination are refined when children scoop and pour water, and fill and empty containers for example. When children carry and pour larger containers, they are developing large motor groups is when children kick, splash and sweep their hands and arms through water
  • Social skill development – water play provides children numerous opportunities to develop social skills, whether they are working with one other child or as a group. Children learn how to share and take turns as they share the space or the play items. Waterplay can create a positive environment for children to take their first steps from playing alongside another child to playing with someone.
  • Language and Communication – water is versatile and creates new environments for children to play within… whether you add care, bubbles or mud to make the water into a swamp. Each new environment provides a new way of playing, which naturally creates opportunities for new vocabulary choices.

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