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Create An Outdoor Learning Environment – Whatever The Weather!

The summer term is enjoyed by all, the better weather brings more freedom and spontaneous outdoor lessons are easier to orchestrate and facilitate. Due to the unpredictable British weather, schools often cannot plan lessons that incorporate an outdoor learning environment.

By creating an outdoor learning environment that is suitable in all weathers and accessible all year round (with suitable clothing!), then Adhoc or spontaneous lessons outside can take place much more easily.

How To Create An Outdoor Learning Environment For All Weathers

Outdoor Classrooms provide a sheltered learning space, whatever the weather and are perfect for taking lessons in an outside environment. Outdoor Classrooms also:

  • Help children to reconnect with nature
  • Get children active and outdoors
  • Can provide a sensory outdoor space and experience
  • Create a multi-purpose area
  • A functional base for structured and unstructured learning.
  • Are designed and installed in line with government guidance, the outdoor classroom space can assist with social distancing.

Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGA’s)

PE lessons, especially in the winter are more focused on indoor activities. By creating a dedicated sports area such as a MUGA pitch, you will be able to access the area whatever the weather.

Benefits of a MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area)

  • Long-Lasting, hardwearing and generate incomes
  • Customisable
  • Extend the play options for young people and communities
  • Saves space, but being versatile
  • Young people and communities can experience and take part in a wide range of sports
  • Highly cost-effective given the flexibility of the space

Look at alternative surfacing options

Our great British weather is unpredictable, and with unpredictability often comes rain. When we see more prolonged periods of rain, then the grass areas become waterlogged and sometimes unusable, or tarmac playgrounds can become slippery and flooded. This, therefore, means that children can not access the outdoor space so easily.

By taking a look at alternative surfacings such as artificial grass or wet pour, then the outdoor spaces do not become muddy – and are usable all year round.

If you would like more information, guidance, or ideas on how to make your playground or outdoor space an area that can be used all year round – contact us for your FREE consultation

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