Testimony - Archie Page - Domestic SEN Garden

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Testimony - Archie Page - Domestic SEN Garden
I think this may have been about my 10th attempt at writing this and I find myself just waffling or getting over emotional... I've spoke and written so much to different people about the garden so much in the past few weeks that I don't know when to stop!
A journalist who writes real life stories for magazines has emailed interested in covering the garden story so I will let you know when I get round to it! Think I could do with hiring a PA :-) 
Archie was very poorly again and back In hospital, at the time we had spent more time in hospital than at home and I remember thinking to myself that Archie deserved more than this and as his mum I knew that I needed to do something to try and make his life the very best I could - my biggest dream for Archie was to see him play, something so simple that most take for granted.
He needed an environment that would give him the space but also the time to learn and explore at his own pace without the stress and upset of overwhelming amounts of people and noises. His own special garden would be perfect!
I set up Archie's Tree of Hope fundraising campaign and within a year we had raised an incredible amount and I then started the task of trying to design our garden.... it was proving very difficult.
Several landscape gardeners had been round with suggestions of what to do but none of them really understood what we needed until a Google search one day came up with Timotay!
The website straight away fills you with fun and excitement, the equipment and designs are incredible and the sheep, I just knew that Archie had to have one.
I phoned and a explained what I was hoping for to a very understanding and encouraging Liam Wales who quickly arranged a home visit to talk through ideas and meet Archie.
I felt so relieved that Liam understood exactly what I wanted to achieve with the garden. I wanted something that was not just for Archie but something that we could all enjoy as a family and within a few weeks Liam had designed a garden that just blew me away... I have never seen something so beautiful and so well thought out that also included everything we wanted... it was perfect.
We agreed a start date and was now one step closer to our dream.  The garden team were brilliant, what a truly great bunch of lads. Very professional and so considerate to Archie's needs. They kept the area clean and tidy, always on time and always with a smile!
3 weeks went by so quickly and there it was our beautiful garden and for the first time in 3 years I was finally able to take Archie outside to play.... a very special and emotional moment.
Thankyou Timotay you have changed our lives, you made our dreams a reality and have given us the opportunity to have lots of fun and make wonderful memories. 
Thankyou all so much for being part of our Journey 
Debbie, Dave Jack and especially Archie xx